Sail Away – New Official video from Barbarians in Black

Armored Dawn’s official music video for “Sail Away” – of the second album Barbarians in Black.

Music by Armored Dawn and Bruno Agra
Produced and Mixed: Kato Khandwala
Mastered: Ted Jensen

Production Company: IDEIA HOUSE –
Director: R.”Micka” Michaelis
Conception: R.”Micka” Michaelis / Eduardo Parras / Rodrigo Oliveira
Director of Photography: Theuer Weirich
Producer (IDEIA HOUSE): Marcia Rio
Producer (Armored Dawn): Rafael Agostino
Cinematography: Herminio Fernandes / Michael Ambriola
Edition & Post-Production: Michael Ambriola
Technical Assistance: Valtenbergen Marques / Santino Machado
Bird: Darwin Bird
Trainer: Walter Ávila – Animal Legal
Casting: Rachel Maia
Costumes: Raiza Klippel
Make Up: Cibele Viana
Hair: Tatiana Lisboa
Actors: Jennyfer Helen / Lucas Cardin / Alessandro Delarissa / Camila Valeriano