Armored Dawn is, without a doubt, one of the revelations of Brazilian Power Metal. Formed in 2014 in Sao Paulo, today they have two albums released worldwide. Over these few years, Armored Dawn has been gaining fans wherever they go.


Eduardo Parras

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1966, the founder and front man of Armored Dawn, started his musical career playing piano and transverse flute. Later he turned into singing and composing, and has a very unique voice, rarely heard these days.

Eduardo composes songs with remarcable melodies and positive, optimistic lyrics about moving ahead in your life and fighting for your dreams.

His main influences as lyricist are anything from Ronnie James Dio to Adam Smith and musically, bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Uriah Heep and UFO.


Timo Kaarkoski

Born many moons ago, in the frozen inferno, those grazy finish people like to call “Home sweet Home”, Timo is older than Moses and younger than God.

He started his musical adventures at the age of 7, playing violin which after some years would give space to much louder 6-string instrument… At the tender age of 14, he decided to give up the violin, and focus on playing loud Rock n Roll music, and to lead the younger ones down the same road to damnation…

In around year 2000, he decided that snow sucks, and some sun would be cool, so he left that previously mentioned frozen inferno, and moved to Brazil, where he would continue playing Rock n Roll, still leading the younger ones to the same road to damnation, first with a band called “Uniao”, which only released one album in 2003 and toured south-america, and then later in another band called “Temple of Sin”, which released and album called “OHM” somewhere along the way and toured around Brazil.

Timo collects Gibson guitars and has a house full of fluffy, little kittie friends. Main influences are Ritchie Blackmore, Frank Marino, David Gilmour, Gary Moore.


Fernando Giovannetti

Born in 1982 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, bassplayer since age 15 and professional musician since he was 19, he teaches bassplaying, works as a sideman for many artists playing different styles of music, works as a musical producer and does workshops mainly based on playing Rock music and Heavy Metal.

He has played with bands like Karma, Anime Friends, The Supremacy, Aquaria, Ted Poley, Sana, Glory Opera, Ricardo Bocci, Léo Von, Soulspell Metal Opera, Ricardo Mourão, Wizards, Pedro Lobo, Fernando e Sorocaba and Edu Brandoff.

Besides being the bass player for Armored Dawn, Fernando is bands musical producer. His main influences are Steve Harris, Billy Sheehan, John Myung, Geezer Buttler, Roger Glover and Victor Wooten.


Tiago de Moura

Born in Passo Fundo, Brazil in 1974, child of a local musician, Tiago started his musical education as soon as he was born, as there was always music around the house. At the age of 7, he got his first acoustic guitar from his father, and at 16, started to get interested in eletric guitar.

Inicially, his main influence was thrash metal, and his first thrash metal band, called Vogelgesang, was one of the first bands playing this kind of music in his hometown. At 20, he started to seriously study musical theory and guitarplaying at a musical university of Passo Fundo.

He has released 6 instrumental cd’s, participated in “guitar experience” in Buenos Aires and has been featured in various editions of “Guitar Player Brazil” magazine.

He was one of the winners of “Projeto Rumos do Itau Cultural” and currently teaches guitarplaying in Souza Lima musical conservatory.

Main influences are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Santana, Tom Jobim, Kerry King and Robert Plant.


Rafael Agostino

Born in 1982 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he started his musical voyage at the age of 12, playing drums and guitar and few years later, at the age of 15, he dedicated his studies to piano and keyboards.

He played keyboards and rhythm guitar in a band called “Eterna”for around 4 years, released 2 albums and played shows around Brazil. Besides being a professional musician, he’s studied multimidia and works producing Rock bands.


Rodrigo Oliveira

With over 20 years of career in music, Rodrigo Oliveira is one of the most respected Metal drummers in Brazil. He is ahead the Brazilian Thrash Metal legend, Korzus, for 20 years, and for 1 year and a half, he is commanding the greatest revelation of Power Metal, Armored Dawn.

Over the years he has played in the biggest festivals as Monsters of Rock (2008), Rock in Rio (2011), Maquinaria Fest (2008), Quito Fest (2005), among others. Besides playing all over Latin America, and across Brazil several times, he has already played in Europe with Mercury Rain (UK – 2004), Korzus (2011) and Armored Dawn (2017 and 2018).

He has shared the stage with greatest artists as Metallica, Slipknot, Saxon, Megadeth, Slayer and Dream Theater. In 2014, Rodrigo was chosen to tour with Metal All Stars, being the drummer of the band formed by Max Cavalera, David Ellefson, James LaBrie, Geoff Tate, and many others.

Rodrigo is endorsee of the brands Vic Firth for 15 years, Pearl Drums for 10 and he has just signed with Remo Drumheads.