Cover and title of the new album are presented!

Working hard on the production of their new album, ARMORED DAWN finally present us the title and the cover of the disc, baptized of ‘Barbarians In Black’.

“Barbarians in Black was initially just one of the tracks on the album, we found the name very strong and ‘violent’ for the album, because the songs were very aggressive! It has enough thrash influence as well, we got a pretty unique mix while mixing thrash riffs with melodies and epic themes.”

The cover, a beautiful art by João Duarte, leaves no doubt as to the theme of the album: Vikings and all the epic side that governs the adventures of this people.

‘Barbarians In Black’, successor to the critically acclaimed ‘Power Of Warrior’ is heavier and full of riffs and eighties melodies, in addition to bringing the Viking theme, this time in all songs. “It was a meticulous work, and very well dosed, it should please fans of good old Traditional Heavy,” celebrates vocalist Eduardo Parras.

The production is by Bruno Agra (We are Harlot) and American Kato Kandwala (The Pretty Reckless, Papa Roach).

ARMORED DAWN also began a series of videos with scenes from the ‘making of’ of ‘Barbarians In Black’. The first part can already be checked by the link below: